Over 12 Years of Service for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

TCG (The Contact Group) is TCB (Taking Care of Business) for IBT (International Brotherhood of Teamsters) for 12+ years!

David Giving A Tire Thumper to Ed BaptisteAlthough we skipped playing BTO’s Takin’ Care of Business as background music for the presentation, Ed Baptiste was thrilled to receive a small token of appreciation, a customized Tire Thumper, for working with TCG for over 12 years!  The Teamsters represent over 3 unions of Truck Drivers including YRC, ABF and UPS.  You may ask, What is a Tire Thumper…?

A tire thumper is a tool that many truckers take advantage of on their travels. It takes a little training and practice, but it’s a great and quick way for truckers to check their tire pressure with a thump of the tire. They have a lot of tires to check, and this makes the process more seamless, with less worry about losing valve caps.

Using a tire thumper is pretty simple, but does take training on understanding the “reading.” A certain sound is expected when a tire is full. When pressure is low, the sound is distinctly different. With a trained ear and a little expertise, thumping tires can save time, money, and effort.

The steps to testing with a thumper are simple:

  • Whack the tire
  • Listen to the sound
  • Compare to your knowledge of how a full tire should sound
  • A fully inflated tire also will cause the thumper to bounce back quickly toward you

A tire thumper is also useful for a bit of added safety when truckers are working long and late hours. Now the teamsters can think of The Contact Group USA next time they’re thumping their tires! We look forward to doing more business in the future and have been proud to serve you for over 12 years already!

Professionals know “the tire thumper will save you time, money, and effort.” Just like partnering with TCG!!


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