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Telephone Town Hall Assembly

Hold a tele town hall assembly as a productive and cost-effective alternative for a speaker or panel of speakers to address large groups of geographically wide-spread participants. Individuals are given the opportunity to tune in to speeches, voice opinions, ask questions, exchange ideas, and listen to the host’s responses from anywhere. We bring experience for registration, pre/post call, reporting, and taking the engagement to the next level.

Contact us so we can help you attain desired results for your communication goals.

What is a Telephone Town Hall Assembly?

At its core, a Telephone Townhall Assembly (or TTA) is a teleconference that enables a two-way conversation between your organization and it’s audiences through any device … Read More

Who are our clients?

All of our clients benefit from Telephone Town Hall Assemblies to stay in touch with their constituents.
Non-profit Organizations
Elected Officials
Advocacy Groups
Private Businesses
Political Candidates
Legislative Bodies

What sets us apart?

On 12/12/12 TCG hosted a teleform with EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson. The spectacular event won a Guinness World Record for largest conference call in history.

Advantages of Telephone Town Hall Assembly


>Simple Set-up
   -Live Streaming Video
   -24 Hour advance notice to complete set-up
>Online Control Panel
   -All assembly activity is viewed & controlled online
>Toll-free numbers provided
   -Attendees can call & join the assembly
>Multi-media announcements
   -Print media, email, online newsletters, & other


   -Versus costs of direct mail or in-person town hall
   -Fiscally & logistically savvy method to communicate with constituents, members, employees, customers, & advocacy groups
>Generate Large Audiences
   -Average attendance of over 50% of calls answered from automated phone invitations    
>Personal Communication
   -Real-time speaker/audience interaction
   -Question/Answer format to connect on topics of interest, concerns, and/suggestions
   -Post-call digital voicemail box for participant comments/questions for host to address

Live Agent Solutions

Live agent solutions can play an integral role in an organization’s constituent and customer interactive communications plans, allowing for a dynamic two-way conversation which relays critical information to the targeted information and gathers their feedback. Clients can productively use TCG’s live agents based in call centers within the US to win elections, grow constituencies, conduct surveys, shape legislation, provide online customer service, and mobilize grassroots supporters.

A key TCG differentiator is our large live agent capacity & their capability to legally contact target audience’s cell phones.

ex:Hilary for America cell phone GOTV

Patch-Through Calls

We provide a convenient way for people to voice their opinions to members of Congress & State legislatures. Our well-trained live agents contact people across the country, allowing them to connect with elected officials to discuss important matters, such as current legislation, nominees, and budgets.

Ex: Business Forward Legislation passed in 2017.

Rapid Response

Organizations, large and small, often need to quickly mobilize agents to inform constituents or members about events and activities. Examples include: Responses to a political opponent’s messages, Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activity, mobilizing members and supporters for a cause, and addressing widespread concerns from constituents.

Polling and Surveys

Live agents are an excellent resource for implementing outbound polling and survey programs that support your opinion research and gather insight about your target audience. TCG has been a leader in the micro-targeting approach, which was used extensively in the Obama campaign in 2008 & 2012.

Analytic Reports

We measure, analyze, and report your phone call program results and the performance of our agents to evaluate the effectiveness of our client teleservices programs. This information is provided during the program’s activity and immediately after it’s been completed. Our reports and agent supervision help guarantee your interactive communication goals are met successfully.

Client Highlights

Non-Profit /Business

OEA – Ohio Education Association
2016 successful cell phone live agent ID program

MSEA – Maryland State Education Association
2015 Telephone Town Hall Assembly

Business Forward
Patch-through program & teleforum to successfully get legislation passed in 2017

International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)
Large teleforum on 1/28/2018 to engage UPS employees and update them on latest contract negotiations

Joint Council 25 New England
Small Telephone Townhall Assembly to key management updating on contract negotiations 2/22/2018

For Our Future
Spearheaded all phone-based communication solutions for a group of unions in 2016
Encouraged early vote – Reminders to send ballots – Get out the vote – Informing on closest poll locations

Presidential Campaigns
Obama for America
U.S. Senate

Client List


Gore for President 2000
Obama for America

Presidential Inaugural Committee, 2009
Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Friends of John Carney

U.S. Senate
Senator Joe Biden
Senator Maria Cantwell
Senator Tom Daschle
Senate Candidate Al Franken
Senator Tim Johnson
Senator Mary Landrieu
Senate Candidate Dan Mongiardo
Senator Patty Murray
Senator Barack Obama
Senator Harry Reid

Obama for America 2008, General Election
Alaska for Change
Colorado for Change
Florida for Change
Georgia for Change
Illinois for Change
Indiana for Change
Iowa for Change
Michigan for Change
Missouri for Change
Montana for Change
Nevada for Change
New Mexico for Change
North Carolina for Change
Ohio for Change
Pennsylvania for Change
Virginia for Change
Wisconsin for Change

Obama Campaign 2008, State Primaries
New York
South Carolina

Mayor Kathleen Blanco
Mayor Greg Nickels

Ballot Measures
AFL-CIO Ohioans for a Fair Minimum Wage
Mass Transit Now

Party Committees
Democratic National Committee
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

State Parties
Colorado State Democratic Party
Delaware State Democratic Party
Iowa State Democratic Party
Kentucky State Democratic Party
Louisiana State Democratic Party
Minnesota Democratic Farm Labor Party

NonProfit and Advocacy
Delaware State Education Association
NetRoots Nation

Change to Win
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
United Food and Commercial Workers 1776

E*Trade Securities
DC United.
Lowe’s Home Improvement
Madison Square Garden
Sony Corporation
The Tampa Bay Lightning
The Washington Capitals

Opinion Research and Consulting Services
David Binder Research
Hildebrand Tewes Consulting

About The Contact Group

Our Story

Who is The Contact Group?

The Contact Group is a teleservices consulting and management group founded and operated by David Costenbader. David played a pivotal role in the development and growth of privately held company, Price Interactive,  which became one of the largest automated platforms and teleservice businesses in the industry. Price Interactive was sold to a public company, iBasis, in 2001 for over $119M which led to the inception of The Contact Group.

Over the last ten years, TCG has grown into one of the premier teleservices firms in both campaigns & elections, as well as non-profit sectors, by relentlessly assisting them to attain their annual communication goals. Accolades span to winning a Guinness World Record in 2012. We place high value on executing programs while quickly adapting to changing needs and challenges, which is why we have a history of mutually beneficial, trusting, long-term relationships with our clients. Our experience and track record speak volumes. 

We fight the good fight with our clients, are passionate about what we do, and are proud of the results delivered.

About The Founder

David Costenbader founded The Contact Group in 2001, providing innovative phone-based services and online multi-media communications solutions to help clients win elections, shape legislation, inform constituents, and measurably improve outreach effectiveness.

Formerly at Price Interactive, David spearheaded business development, leading the company into the campaigns and election space, as well as expanding to Fortune 500 clients.

David’s company ethos at TCG: focus on client needs and meet those needs with a results-driven core team, allowing continued success and long-lasting relationships.

David Costenbader of The Contact Group


  • TCG does an amazing job working with us to create a script explaining to our members why a call to their member of Congress is important now. Rather than automated recordings, their focus on proper training of their live agents allows us to trust their staff to get on the phone with their members who are business leaders. The personalized attention they dedicate to us saves us time and work, not to mention the flexibility and ability to deliver well under tight time constraints. We received better service for our investment with TCG. The legislation Business Forward backed passed in 2017

    Liz Kerr
    Business Forward
  • We have worked with TCG for over 10 years and chose TCG in March, 2018 to call our targeted audience with their professional live agents and survey that audience on the issues most important to them. We utilized that key data to construct our communications strategy going forward and won our campaign for local alderman/representative. They implemented the program quickly, provided daily reports and finished on projected budget.

    Sean Tenner
    Partner, KNI Communications
  • Using The Contact Group we were able to successfully connect the Secretary with thousands of USDA employees from across the county in an interactive forum, where they were able to comment and ask questions.

    Orrin Evans
    U.S. Department of Agriculture

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