How To Hold A Successful Telephone Townhall Assembly

What is a Telephone Townhall Assembly?

At its core, a Telephone Townhall Assembly (or TTA) is a teleconference that enables a two-way conversation between your organization and it’s audiences through any device, landline, tablet or laptop via streaming audio and/or video to reach your audience in the ways most convenient to them while gathering invaluable data, enriching your insights. Here’s a breakdown of the key features of TTA and how it can help your organization establish genuine conversations with your audience.

A telephone townhall assembly, in addition to allowing participants to dial into the call via a toll-free number, can also dial out to a list and invite members of your audience to join the call.

On top of reaching your audience through any device, TCG can integrate the telephone townhall assembly onto our client’s website and or Facebook page so members can follow along at those familiar sites. We have the resources to allow you to also post relevant content/feedback simultaneously to your social media outlets, greatly enhancing the power and reach of the TTA. These added features markedly increase the participation rate by accommodating device preference and busy schedules.

How To Hold A Successful Telephone Townhall Assembly

Another feature of The Contact Group’s TTA also gives your audience the ability to ask questions, be polled while on the call and instantly get their feedback while live. When the TTA has ended, your audience has the option to leave their questions/comments at the end of the call to a private voicemail system.

From a couple of hundred to hundreds of thousands of participants, our teletown hall assembly services can engage an audience and allow our client to have an authentic conversation with their members, ultimately building trust and loyalty amongst all of your stakeholders.

Our clients effectively utilize TTAs to produce a genuine conversation with their audience to:

  1. Coordinate/train/update team members across multiple offices/locations
  2. Provide donors with updates and exclusive insight to the organization on top of access to leaders
  3. Inform/educate members on the organization’s initiatives
  4. Recruit new members/supporters.

In business nearly 2 decades, TCG measures success by the broad range of support we provide our clients.

Guinness World Record Telephone Townhall AssemblyOne of TCG’s most rewarding events took place on 12/12/12, when we hosted a Telephone Townhall Assembly with EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, and won a Guinness World Record for largest conference call in history. Over 600,000 attendees and a list of over 2 million members of an environmental group were dialed and invited to participate in this conversation.

More gratifying than the award is that we exceeded our client’s goals, and that our core expertise can support any organization to further your cause, get your members educated/informed, and take action for the greater good.

Recently, TCG hosted a teletown hall assembly for a membership organization 1/16/2019, where we invited 3,208 of their members to hear from their president about current news impacting their mission statement. 803 members joined and stayed on the call for an average of 22 minutes with 57 of the members getting in queue to ask their question.

However large or small your targeted audience, we have distilled our formula (in accordance with our TCG twist on KISS where we strive to Keep It Smart Simple) to attain your communication goals to these 6 simple steps:

6 Steps to a Successful Telephone Townhall Assembly

DefineStep 1: Define
Define your goals. Select your target audience and the talent who will host your event. Our Account Specialist will assist you throughout the process – from concept to final reporting.

InviteStep 2: Invite
Invite your core audience, “house list” – to register for the event, using multi-channel communications – utilizing email, ROBO calls and Social Media.

PublicizeStep 3: Publicize
Expand your potential audience by promoting the event details with prospects outside of your targeted constituency that share your core values.

ExecuteStep 4: Execute
Prepare your host, moderator and screener – start the dial out process to your selected audience and begin the event. Incorporate audience polls, field live questions and stream live video.

MeasureStep 5: Measure
See results as they happen while viewing our real-time dashboard. Summary reports with a variety of useful detailed metrics will also be provided.

LeverageStep 6: Leverage
Email a link to those who were not able to participate. This provides everyone an opportunity to listen to the recorded event – maximizing participation.

Regardless of the size of your organization or event, TCG will guide you and your organization on top of doing the heavy lifting to make sure you get the best return of your investment and achieve success for a telephone town hall assembly.

Our internal motto: At TCG we TCB, or Take Care of Business – a phrase adopted from a visit to Graceland and was Elvis’ own personal credo.

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