Planning for the Future with Hybrid Events

There’s no substitute for in-person events. Providing guests with a memorable experience is a key part of any marketing or outreach strategy. However, with the uncertainty of the pandemic and the demanding schedule of day-to-day life, getting everyone to show up at an in-person event can be tough.

We have seen our clients’ engagement increase tenfold through producing virtual events. The ease and convenience has allowed guests to join at their convenience and participate in the ways they prefer. The results have been immense. Events that previously had an attendance of 30 people have seen hundreds of more guests participating, strengthening trust and loyalty. 

What if you want the advantages of both of these? Starting now, The Contact Group is producing hybrid events. These are a multi-camera video event, with a live video feed on your website or your Facebook, that guests can choose to participate in via phone. 

Through our platform, organizers are able to take questions online or live on the phone, while also taking questions in person with a unique hybrid event.

Watch the snippet below to see a Hybrid Event in action.




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