VIA Transit Building Connections Across San Antonio with TCG

With TCG’s Telephone TownHall, VIA has been able to connect with the residents of San Antonio in new ways. Our unique platform empowered VIA to give updates, answer questions, and gather feedback from participants in order to find out what comes next for mobility in their region.

The Contact Group’s platform has made VIA accessible to all residents, by phone or online streaming on the VIA website or Facebook page. Effectively reaching all citizens was a key goal of this outreach. VIA included ASL interpreters to engage those with hearing impairment through livestream video and simultaneously hosted events in English and Spanish, ensuring all citizens are able to participate in the conversation. TCG’s Telephone TownHall’s closed-captioning feature also makes attendance possible when sound isn’t an option for audience members.

During these events, VIA has discussed topics including the future of transit in the area, the Coronavirus pandemic, new services, bus routes and times, and more. With TCG’s Telephone Townhall, VIA was able to screen participant’s questions and comments, before engaging in a live conversation with them.

Through TCG’s platform, VIA has drastically increased their community engagement, enabling them to reach new citizens, creating deeper connections with the people of San Antonio.

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