Don’t Cancel, Pivot: Teleconferencing amid the COVID-19 Pandemic


As America braces for the impact of COVID-19, necessary precautions must be made – resulting in canceled meetings, new schedules, and different habits. The changes in practices and routines are wreaking havoc on the economy as we attempt to imagine what the coming months look like. Many businesses are choosing to implement remote work in hopes of maintaining as much regularity as possible because as we know, the work must continue. However, in-person meetings and face to face experiences are a key part of business, both within the organization and as well as with guests and customers.


As someone with an immense passion for helping businesses and organizations communicate and engage their audience in new ways, I understand how frustrating this can be. At The Contact Group, we understand now more than ever, clear communication is vital to ensure information is being accurately conveyed and concerns are being properly addressed. 


We can help.

Woman participating in teleconference


Our unique solution is perfect for both internal and external communications, no matter the size, with both audio and audiovisual session options. We also offer the ability to host multiple remote speakers and hold a moderated Q&A during the session, seamlessly. This way you can be confident that both the host and the audience is hearing the most pertinent questions and staying abreast of information that matters most. 


Worried about your audience engaging? We can handle promotions in a variety of ways. We can create promotional materials for social media campaigns as well as embed registration through your website. Through your owned social and digital channels, we can create a variety of promotional materials that can be distributed to your audience. Beyond that, we are able to dial out to a pre-made list or create one for you using a wide array of metrics to help you reach every member of your audience and increasing your engagement. 


While other options, such as Facebook Live and Zoom are great low investment options for smaller, more informal organizations and entertainment, they lack the ability to control the conversation as effectively and can feel chaotic or pointless at times. This can cause catastrophic damage to a brand’s value, integrity, and customer retention. 


Ready to adjust your plans while still reaching your objectives? Contact me at or 703-725-8608. I look forward to working with you.


David Costenbader,
Founder and CEO
The Contact Group

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