TCG : Not Just Another Telephone Town Hall

Here is how TCG’s TTA & a typical Telephone Town Hall are similar:

They are both virtual forums that allow the host to connect with a targeted audience over the phone. Participants can hear what host is sharing, and they are both easy ways to speak with a targeted universe to share a message.

TCG provides services that address current communication pain points and offer much more than a telephone town hall:

An organization/speaker can connect with their audience from anywhere, and also helps reach more of a targeted audience than in-person town halls from a landline and mobile device.

The audience is invited to listen/watch the event on the organization’s official website/facebook page as well.

The host can better connect with audience through asking them to participate in polls throughout the event. Attendees are more engaged through an interactive platform we provide for the panel or speaker to answer questions LIVE through moderated Q&A.

Additional Benefits:

Website Integration, which allows for access to your live event on your official website: registration form to sign up for the event, and a streaming player.

Audio/Video stream to listen and/or watch the event online, and even participate in polls.

Custom Promotion Plan to support marketing and raise awareness for upcoming Live Events. The custom promo plan includes images/copy tailored to each client to help drive engagement and conversions.

The Contact Group offers more than the average Telephone Town Hall. We are here to exceed your needs.

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