Video-Based Messaging Solutions


The widespread availability and affordable use of broadband communications by Internet users, along with improvements in video and audio technology, have fueled the rapid growth of Internet video content for marketing, advertising, entertainment, and information distribution.


Who uses Video-Based Messaging Solutions?


We provide our clients with tools and services to easily create and distribute rich, multimedia video messages to enhance their online communications presence and increase their Web site traffic. The Contact Group (TCG) is a leader in innovative, robust online multimedia communications solutions to help clients win elections, raise funds, significantly shape legislation, inform constituents, and measurably improve marketing effectiveness.


What are the advantages of TCG's Video-Based
Messaging Solutions?


Get Higher Response Rates.

Rich, multimedia, video based messages are more engaging than static text and graphic images. Multimedia campaigns generate 4-7 times higher viewer response rates than traditional email marketing campaigns.


No Technical Expertise Required.

The video based messages can be created in a matter of minutes, with no technical or programming experience required. The flash-based, click-and-drag user interface is intuitive and simple.


Leverage Your Existing Marketing Strategy.

Easily integrate video based messages with your current online communications strategy and repurpose existing multimedia content. Our video based messaging services allow you to maintain absolute creative control. Your messages can maintain the look and feel of your existing website and print materials.


Modify Your Messages Instantly.

Your video messages are dynamic — you can make changes to any component of the message even after it has been deployed, and your changes will be reflected in real time.


Deploy Multimedia Messages in Several Ways.

Each multimedia message you create can be distributed in a variety of ways. You can deploy your message via email or embed the message into your website, use it as a landing page for a search engine marketing account, or as a fully-functioning stand-alone website.


Your Message Can Go Viral.

Your multimedia message can easily be forwarded — fully intact and traceable to all recipients. The tracking activity data is reported by individual email address.


Comprehensive Tracking Data.

When your video-based messages are distributed to target audiences, detailed viewer engagement, responses and forwarding activity data is instantly collected and reported by email address so you can follow up on the collected data. The data is displayed in easy-to-understand visual reports in a simple dashboard — making you the expert in retrieving and interpreting your campaign or marketing data.




Jack Polidori

Director of Legislation and Political Organizing, Delaware State Education Association (DSEA)




DSEA was eager to initiate an informative, environmentally friendly, candidate comparison in the 2008 Democratic primary election for Governor.




As part of an outreach effort that included virtual town hall meetings and web-based auto calls, TCG assisted in producing a Web-based, video message that included an introduction from the DSEA's president and separate interviews with each of the candidates.



The video message, sent to union members' e-mail accounts enabled members to view additional information regarding both candidates. Members could also view other candidate-related videos (i.e., one broadcast advertisement on education from each campaign) and hear responses given during an education-related debate forum. These highly effective communication solutions exhibited the DSEA's goal of achieving an environmentally friendly, voter outreach, education campaign.