Polling and Surveys


Polls and surveys provide all types of organizations with information on the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping markets, governments, society, and the economy.


What is TCG's role in Polling and Surveys?


The Contact Group's phone and online communications services help clients, opinion research companies, and communications research firms obtain information regarding the thoughts and feelings of target populations on a variety of subjects. Topics that can be tested include: political candidates and campaigns, legislative issues, environmental regulations, health care, labor policies, crime, women's issues, media messages, and advertisements.


What type of polling and survey services can TCG offer?


Phone Call Solutions.

Our phone call solutions allow you to quickly create a wide range of polls and surveys. From the most basic touch-tone response survey, to a more comprehensive poll, these solutions give you the power to easily create your poll or survey and instantly view your real-time polling or real-time survey results.


Virtual Town Hall Meetings.

During a virtual town hall meeting, real-time polling can be used to instantly obtain feedback using the phone's keypad, recording responses to questions posed to the meeting participants.


Call Center Agents.

Call center agents are an excellent resource for implementing outbound polling and survey programs that support your opinion research and gather insight about your target audience.


Media Messages and Advertisement Testing.

We provide clients with a low-cost, proven method to test your video media messages and advertisements for credibility, interest, and effectiveness before they are widely distributed to your target audience. Rather than merely studying the perceptions of video communications using focus groups in which sample sizes are limited, our service allows testing among large populations. This allows you to compare various segments and demographic groups of viewers. Our video communications testing can be executed with sample sizes numbering in the thousands and can be completed within hours. Results include data related to:

  • Emotional response to the video communication
  • Clarity of video communication
  • Believability/Credibility
  • Interest

How it Works:

The participants in the survey view a video of the media messages or advertisement and move their mouse back and forth on a scale which, for example, indicates the survey participant’s belief of or agreement with the video. Responses to questions are reduced to a metric that allows easy comparison between test concepts and historical media studies--leading to final analysis of your video messages and advertisements.




Michael Slaby

CTO Obama for America




Obama for America (OFA) wanted a robust, online method of testing media content prior to launching their advertising and campaign messages. In addition, they wanted a quick method to identify the best media messages with which to respond to attack ads.




TCG, along with its partner HCD Research, worked with OFA and one of their opinion research firms to produce an online media survey for targeted voters throughout the battleground states.



The online media testing survey was deployed to 12 battleground states and results were generated within 96 hours. The results determined which media messages worked best to attain OFA's desired goals with the undecided voters of each state.