Call Center Solutions


The Contact Group (TCG) helps its clients productively use call centers to raise funds, win elections, grow constituencies, conduct surveys, shape legislation, provide online customer service, and mobilize grassroots supporters to contribute to a cause. Call centers are an important element of an organization's constituent and customer interactive communications plans.


What are Call Centers?


Call center agents provide contact support such as e-mail responses, Web-chat requests and faxes, in addition to handling inbound and outbound phone calls. TCG is a leading and proven provider of call centers for a wide range of industries. We specialize in supporting political campaigns, labor unions, advocacy groups and businesses. TCG and its partners have proven their ability to attract the best English-speaking and multilingual agents the teleservices industry has to offer. TCG also offers automated agent services using touch-tone and speech recognition interactive voice response (IVR).


What are the advantages of services provided by
call centers?



Call center agents can deliver persuasive, scripted inbound and outbound fundraising messages and responses to caller inquiries. Fundraising programs need easy and efficient methods to contact prospects, track pledges, and manage databases.


Rapid Response.

Organizations, large and small, often need to quickly mobilize agents to inform constituents or members about events and activities. Examples include: Responses to a political opponent's messages, Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activity, mobilizing members and supporters for a cause, and addressing widespread concerns from constituents.


Polling and Surveys.

Call centers are an excellent resource for implementing outbound polling and survey programs that support your opinion research and gather insight about your target audience.


Introduction to Automated Phone Messages.

This service provides a call center agent to introduce a client's automated message. This is ideal in states that require a "live" agent to initiate a call instead of an automated call. It also provides for a more personalized approach to high-volume, outbound, automated phone communications.


Complementary Automated Phone Call and IVR-based Services.

Our interactive voice response services offer constituents, members, and customers 24/7 access to address their inquiry and information needs. This approach reduces the cost per call. The caller can also transfer to a call Center agent for assistance at any time.


Analytic Reports.

We measure, analyze, and report your phone call program results and the performance of our agents to evaluate the effectiveness of our client teleservices programs. This information is provided during the program's activity and immediately after it's been completed. Our real-time reports and agent supervision help guarantee your interactive communication goals are met successfully.




Rachel Haltom

Executive Director of Indiana for Change




Indiana for Change 2008 needed to identify independent Obama voters within their state. Once found, these voters needed to be targeted by our GOTV efforts and sent to the polls on Election Day.




TCG helped produce effective scripts used by our call center agents. The agents professionally interacted with potential voters at home and discovered their likely voting intentions.



Indiana for Change worked exclusively with TCG to identify key swing voters and drive voters to the polls. TCG played a key role in the Obama for America win in "red-state" Indiana.