Automated Phone Call Solutions


Automated phone calls provide a productive and inexpensive way to reach your constituents such as voters, associates, customers, and volunteers everywhere, every timeā€¦ with just one call. The Contact Group's automated voice broadcasting service delivers messages, within minutes, to any group, large or small.


Use automated phone calls to inform and
mobilize your constituents


With our automated phone call solutions, you talk, and we deliver - up to thousands of messages to your list of recipients! Political candidates, labor unions, advocacy associations, governments, businesses, and congregations throughout the country rely on us to deliver important information. This includes voice messages to increase voter turnout, identify voter profiles, move opinion, raise funds, shape legislation, announce events, provide emergency notifications, and conduct surveys.


What are the advantages of TCG's Automated
Call Solutions?


We're Reliable.

Everyone on the call list gets the message, every time. The system dials multiple phone numbers at once, and will redial busy and unanswered numbers. Your message will be delivered to voicemail and answering machines as well.


We're Dedicated.

We serve thousands of clients nationwide who rely on fast message delivery. We have outstanding customer service—live support is available seven days a week so you can always speak to an agent.


Get Started Right Away.

No additional hardware, software, or phone lines are needed and free training is provided online. On-site training is available for a fee.


It's Simple.

You just prepare your call list, record your message, decide when you'd like it delivered, then, after the call goes out, review your reports.


Create Your Messages From Anywhere.

Easily initiate calls by phone or on a PC with an Internet connection. You can record messages up to 90 seconds or longer – just contact us to increase the length.


You Maintain Control.

Web-based phone list set-up will have you up-and-running in no time. Create and manage your call lists online. You can set the number you'd like to appear on the Caller ID so your message is delivered from a familiar phone number.


You Decide When Your Message is Delivered.

You can schedule delivery for a specific time and date or have your messages delivered within minutes. We can handle lists of 100,000-plus with short lead times.


Immediate Feedback.

A touch tone response can be recorded and you can view online reports for analysis and distribution right away - during or after message delivery.




Sean Tenner

Director of the Illinois-to-Iowa program,
Obama for America




The Illinois-to-Iowa program needed a quick and cost-effective method to identify a group of Illinois volunteers who would travel to neighboring battleground states to do GOTV work.




TCG helped produce an effective, interactive script that utilized Auto ID phone calls. Upon receiving the phone message, the recipients could press 1, signing up to volunteer.



The script was approved and the Auto ID solution was deployed within 24 hours. We achieved a 4-6% acceptance rate of live recipients. The acceptance rate drove thousands of new volunteers to the campaign--all while staying within the limited budget.