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The Contact Group (TCG) is a leader in providing robust, innovative phone-based services and online multimedia communications solutions to help clients win elections, raise funds, significantly shape legislation, inform constituents, and measurably improve marketing effectiveness. We strive to provide tomorrow’s phone and online communications tools to meet today’s information and message delivery needs and goals.


TCG’s state-of-the-art communications services include access to: a broad range of automated phone call solutions, the best trained call center agents, and virtual town hall meeting services. Our phone solutions and broadcasting services provide persuasive ways for clients to increase their organization’s reach and effectively deliver information and important messages to their constituents. We also provide our clients with tools and services to easily create and distribute rich, multimedia video messages to enhance their online communications presence and increase their Web traffic.


We offer phone-based and online polling and survey services to help clients obtain insights regarding what a target population thinks and feels about various topics. Subjects can include opinions about political candidates, legislative matters, environmental issues, health care, labor policies, media messages and advertisements. We also offer a unique, cutting-edge, low-cost, online video-testing survey analysis tool. This tool gauges and provides audience reaction to media messages and advertisements prior to a client purchasing media time. Clients can make important distribution decisions based on the testing results.


Since our founding in 2001, we have delivered successful phone-based and online communications solutions to political candidates, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, labor unions, faith-based organizations and for-profit businesses.





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